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1.0 Requirement of Firms or Body Corporates Practising As Consulting Quantity Surveyor   l    Download Forms
The Principal of Sole Proprietorship, majority of Partners in a Partnership (in terms of number and equity) and majority of Directors in a Body Corporate (in terms of number and equity) shall be registered Quantity Surveyor with a minimum of 5 years satisfactory experience after registration as a registered Quantity Surveyor.
The shareholding of the registered Quantity Surveyors in a partnership or body corporate shall be 100%.
The name of firms or bodies corporate shall be approved by the Board.
In the case of Sole Proprietorship, the principal shall be practicing full time Consulting Quantity Surveyor in the firm. The Sole Proprietorship may open not more than 2 branches in Malaysia, one of which shall be managed by a Registered Quantity Surveyor and the other branch office may be managed by a registered graduate Quantity Surveyor.
Majority of Directors in the Bodies Corporate and majority of Partners in the Partnerships shall be practicing full time.
The Bodies Corporate shall be incorporated under the Companies Act 1965 with a minimum paid up capital of RM50, 000.00.
The number of practices permitted by the Board to each individually Registered Quantity Surveyor to practise shall be a maximum of two (2) practices, i.e. in a Partnership and a Body Corporate. The Board may at its absolute discretion approve a Registered Quantity Surveyor who is a partner in a Partnership to be a director in a Body Corporate or vice-versa, provided always it is with the full knowledge and consent in writing of the other partner(s) or director(s).
2.0 Procedure for Registration As Firm or Bodies Corporate
Application of QS Practice - QS Practices
3.0 Procedure For Renewal Of Firm Or Bodies Corporate>
Every permit to practice shall expire on 31st December of the year the certificate was issued. Renewal application of Firm or Bodies Corporate shall be made in Form 3 before 31st January of the following year together with the followings:
Renewal fee of RM1,000.00; and
Copy of KWSP Contribution Form; and
Duly completed 'LJBM/CQS/Reg./1/10/2005' Form; and
Letter head; and
Company Profile
Upon the approval of renewal of permit to practise by the Board, a renewal permit to practise in Form H will be issued.
A firm or body corporate which has failed to renew its registration within one month of the expiry of the registration shall have its name removed from the register (Section 16(b) of the Act).
4.0 Procedure For Reinstatement Of Firm Or Bodies Corporate
At any time after this, a firm or body corporate may reinstate its registration upon payment of reinstatement fee and satisfying the information stated in the prescribed form as determined by the Board, provided that the application for reinstatement is made within three (3) years of the expiry. (Section 17 of the Act). After three (3) years of the expiry of registration, application for reinstatement of registration may be treated as though it is a new registration and requirement of application current at the time of application will apply.
A Registered Firm or Bodies Corporate whose permit to practice has been cancelled by the Board may apply for reinstatement. Application shall be made in Form 3 together with the following fees (section 17(1) of the Act) :-
The total amount of renewal fees in arrears payable if the registration is renewed (RM 1,000.00 X n years) plus
A re-registration fee of the same amount as that under paragraph (i) (RM 1,000.00 X n years) plus
An administrative fee of Ringgit Malaysia fifty (RM 100.00)
Upon reinstatement of permit to practice by the Board, a reinstatement permit to practice in Form I will be issued.
Firm or Body Corporate desirous of changing its name shall apply to the Registrar in writing together with a fee of RM300.00 in the form of crossed cheque/ money order/ postal order/ bank draft made payable to “LEMBAGA JURUUKUR BAHAN MALAYSIA”.