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I've just started filling my log book in order to pursue full-membership with board vide alternative route. However, one of the criteria needed is to pass PTK 2, which I've missed to take before it was discontinued. What option do I have to? Do I need to go for TPC or BQSM will review the requirement for alternative route in this near future?
In view of continuous improvement, BQSM will review from time to time alternative routes. However, at this moment one can seek for PP2 examination under ISM.In lieu of the PTK2, applicant is now required to sit and pass the PP2 exam conducted by ISM.
When will the application vide special route end?
Application vide special route for QS in the Public Sector starts from 28/10/2008 - 31/12/2011 whereas for Private Sector 25/1/10 -24/1/2013.
How do I Register as Graduate QS?
One have to apply online application through BQSM Online system called ReQSys at http://www.bqsm.gov.my/reqsys/public/user/login.php
Can a graduate without honours degree eligible to apply for registration as Registered Graduate Quantity Surveyor with the Board?
Yes, provided he/she has completed a four year degree programme with dissertation
What is the rate for organizer to apply for CPD points?
  • Half (1/2) day event : RM50.00 - Accredited 2 CPD points
  • One (1) day event : RM100.00 - Accredited 3 CPD points
  • More than 1 day event : RM200.00 - Accredited 6 CPD points
  • In house training : Free of charge - Accredited 1 CPD points
  • 6.Q
    How do I know my CPD points?
    One can create an account to view the CPD points. Please follow steps below:-
    a) Login to BQSM Website at www.bqsm.gov.my
    b) On right hand corner "myBQSM-Online Services" click on "MyCPD -view CPD point"
    c) Insert your BQSM Registration No. and your New I/C No. then click "Submit"
    d) Once finish creating an account one can view by login to http://www.bqsm.gov.my/bqsm/a_public/a1_login.asp
    e) Insert BQSM Registration No. and the password.
    f) Click "Submit"
    What is ReQSys?
    ReQSysis an interactive web based application developed to provide potential substantial time and cost savings to those seeking to be registered with BQSM and to renew their registration. It has been launched by the Board on 20 January 2009.
    Do I have to register with ReQSys?
    Yes. You must first register as ReQSys member before you can submit your online application. The system will need a valid email address to create an id and password. Email notification will be sent to your email address for confirmation.
    What is the method of payment for online application with ReQSys?
    There are 5 methods of payment for online application:
  • Cheque
  • Money Order
  • Postal Order
  • Bank Draft
  • CIMB clicks
  • BQSM Maybank account ( no: 5641 5521 8817 )
    Payment via Cheque/ Money Order/ Postal Order/ Bank Draft must be made payable to 'LEMBAGA JURUUKUR BAHAN MALAYSIA'.
  • 10.Q
    Why are the payments limited through CIMB and Maybank only?
    The board of QS has account with these two banks only
    How would the board know that I have made the payment?
    The Board will be able to know that payment has been made if it is through the CIMB Clicks. If payments are made through other banks including Maybank, the bank-in slip has to be forwarded to the BQSM at Secretariat at 03-26925680 Receipt will be mailed thereafter.
    What must I have before I make online application?
    Please read the ReQSys Guidelines before making any online application with ReQSys. Basically, after you have registered as ReQSys member, you must have the following ready before you can make any online application:
    a) An Internet banking facility with your bank ; or
    b) Cheque/ Money Order/ Postal Order/ Bank Draft made payable to 'LEMBAGA JURUUKUR BAHAN MALAYSIA' and
    c)Certified true copy of all *documents required (to be submitted to the Board); and
    d) Softcopy of all *documents required (after being certified as a true copy by Registered Quantity Surveyor or ISM Member/Fellow). The softcopy must be in JPEG/ JPG/ GIF/ PDF format with the size not more than 50KB each file. You will require to upload the files during the application process.
    *Document required may vary depending on the type of application. Please refer ReQSys Guidelines.
    Why my application status indicates as 'Draft'?
    Draft means that you have not submitted your application. You will need to complete all sections before you can submit your application.
    What should I do after I have submitted my online application?
    You must submit all the supporting documents and payment (if via Cheque/ Money Order/ Postal Order/ Bank Draft) to the Board within 2 weeks from the date of application. Please write "Application Type" and your "Application No./ Registration No." on top, left-hand corner of the envelope.
    How long does the Board take to process my application?
    Complete application will be process within 6 weeks to 2 months.
    Can I check the status of my online application?
    Yes. With ReQSys, you can check your online application status anytime. These are some of the status.
  • Draft - If the application is not submitted yet
  • New - If the application has been submitted
  • Approved - If the application has been approved by the Board
  • Rejected - If the application has been rejected by the Board
  • 17.Q
    System Manual?
    The manual is available at BQSM website at http://www.bqsm.gov.my/bqsm/a_public/Reqsys_Guide.html
    What should I do when I make payment offline?
    Send or fax a copy of the bank in slip to BQSM secretariat at 03-2692 5680.