Registration For Special Professional Practice Assessment Examination (SPPA)

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For the purpose of application through special route to become a registered quantity surveyor with the Board of Quantity Surveyors, Malaysia

(Validity Period : 25.01.2010 – 31.12.2013)

Please be informed that Special Professional Practice Assessment Examination (SPPA) conducted by the Board of Quantity Surveyors Malaysia with immediate effect will replace the Professional Practice 2 (PP2) exam conducted by RISM as required for the abovementioned Special Route.

The dates of the Incoming Exams are:

1st October 2012
(Closing date for registration: 31st August 2012)
Venue: Menara PJD, Kuala Lumpur


10th December 2012
(Closing date for registration: 30th October 2012)
Venue: Menara PJD, Kuala Lumpur

Examinations will also be conducted in March & August 2013. The dates and venue will be announced later.

Registered Graduate Quantity Surveyors intending to apply via the Special Route and have fulfilled the Special Route requirements are required to Register for the SPPA exam. Enclosed is the Exam Registration Form for your further action.


The exam syllabus is as follows:-

1. Roles and Responsibilities of the Parties of the Contract Including:

i) Ethics; and  ii) Code of Conduct

2. Tender Administration Including:

i) Contractual and Tendering Arrangements in the Context of Early Advice; ii) Tender Process & Evaluation; iii) Cost Economics; iv) Life Cycle Costing; and  v) Value Management

3. Payments (Process)

i) Progress Payment  ii) Valuation  iii) Final Account

4. A detailed analysis pertinent to contract clauses relating to:

i) Non-Completion and Extension of Time ii) Loss and Expenses iii) Determination by Employer or Contractor iv) Nominated Sub Contract v) Certificate of Practical Completion vi) Defect Liability Period  vii) Dispute Resolution



The indicative references are

Amran Mohd Majid, 2009, Pengenalan Kontrak Binaan Reka Dan Bina, Dewan

Bahasa dan Pustaka 2  

Cawangan Kontrak Dan Ukur Bahan, JKR (2011), Buku Panduan Pentadbiran

Kontrak JKR (Edisi KeTiga), Malaysia

Chow Kok Fong (2004), Law And Practice Of Cnstruction Contracts, Sweet &

Maxwell Asia, Singapore

Ir. Harbans Singh K.S (2002) (Series 1-5), Engineering And Construction Contracts

Management, LexisNexis, Singapore

Khairani Hj Ahmad (2009), Construction Economics (Problems and Solutions),

Prentice Hall, Malaysia

Lim Chong Fong (2011), The Malaysian PWD Form of Construction Contract , Sweet

& Maxwell Asia, (Second Edition) (Note: Based On PWD 203A and 203 Forms (2007 Edition))

Murdoch J Hughas W., 1994, Construction Contracts, Law and Management, E & FN

Spon, London


 Passing mark is 50. It is a open book examination.


Appeal is to be submitted within 30days from the release of the exam result. RM100 will be charged for each application.


For more information please contact Pn Emi Azwa Harun at 03-2610 7823, email at emi[at]