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QSIC 2018

The Quantity Surveying International Convention (QSIC) 2018 is an annual event and this year, the event is jointly organized by the Board of Quantity Surveyors Malaysia (BQSM), Royal Institution Malaysia (RISM), University of Reading Malaysia (UoRM) and Public Works Department Malaysia (JKR). This convention is also supported by Construction Industry Development Board Malaysia (CIDB), Malaysian Highway Authority (MHA) and Persatuan Perunding Juruukur Bahan Bumiputera Malaysia (PPJBM). 



QSIC 2018 aims to continue its annual tradition to bring together professionals, practitioners, researchers and scholars from home and abroad to share experiences in Quantity Surveying profession, address the latest development and current challenges in fast changing environment.



The BIG PICTURE - Embracing The Future



  1. Integration and Collaborative Working
  2. Diving and Deep: Digital Ocean
  3. Legacy for the Future
  4. We Are the World


WHY QSIC 2018 ?

The convention serves as a platform of professional Quantity Surveyors combining knowledge, skills and resources to shape the professionals wanting to find competitive advantage in latest development in construction industry.



  1. To cultivate collaboration among professional Quantity Surveyors for the purpose of exchanging knowledge and skills to construction industry;
  2. To gain more insights and make better decisions in cosntruction management by not only accessing significantly more data, but by properly analysing it to draw practical building project conclusions; and
  3. To provide a paltform for the professional Quantity Surveyors to highlight and discuss on the latest development and challenges in construction industry.



The audience will include Quantity Surveyors from across the construction supply chain:

  1. Government bodies
  2. Construction contractor
  3. Consultants and developers
  4. GLCs
  5. Academicians (local and abroad)
  6. International professionals
  7. Students



  1. BQSM CPD Point : 10 Points