Act, Regulations & International Affair

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Responsibilities Act, Regulations:

  • Review, revise and recommend amendments to the QS Act and Rules to ensure they are in line with latest developments in the industry.
  • Provide advice and views on the implementation and interpretation of the QS Act and Rules.
  • Prepare preliminary drafting of the QS and Rules before submission to Legal Advisor and subsequently to Attorney General for approval.
  • Prepare all necessary documents for tabling Act to Cabinet and Parliament by Minister.
  • Gazette the Act and Rules.

Responsibilities International Affair:

  • Keep abreast on matters pertaining to international affairs through various allied bodies such as:-
    • Locally : NAPSEC, ISM, MITI and other allied bodies
    • Regionally : PAQS and other allied professional bodies
    • Internationally : FIG, CASLE, ICEC, RICS, etc
  • Keep abreast on matters pertaining to liberalization of trade in services.
  • Collate information with regards to international issues that affects the quantity surveying profession and disseminate the same (if necessary) without duplicating activities which may be carried by other bodies such as the NAPSEC or ISM.
  • Encourage capacity building and confidence building within the quantity surveying profession.