Quantity Surveyors Accreditation Council (QSAC)

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  • Formulate and update accreditation policies and criteria.
  • Approve detailed guidelines and procedures for accreditation.
  • Oversee all operational arrangements and appoint members of the evaluation panel.
  • Receive evaluation report on Quantity Surveying programmes, and determine whether accreditation should be granted or otherwise.
  • Respond to any complaint or appeal concerning the accreditation process and to any proposal for change.
  • Oversee the development and operation of accreditation in other countries, and when necessary make recommendations to the Board.
  • Report to the Board on its work and when appropriate, recommend changes to the Board's policies on accreditation.
  • Foster the dissemination of developments and best practices in quantity surveying education.
  • Advise the Board on public statements or representations that should be made in relation to quantity surveying education.
  • To work with Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and to coordinate the process of accreditation of QS programmes.