e-Payment Guidelines

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  1. Click on the e-Payment button below Online Services area.
  2. You will go to the main page of e-payment. Click on the services that you want to make payment via online either its for ReQSys Registration/Renewal Fee, CPD Programmes or QS-Link Bulletin.
  3. Please disable your browser pop-up blocker before proceed. Then choose the items that you want to purchase.

    Enter all the related informations. If you already registered with BQSM, please enter your valid BQSM Registration Number & Voucher Number to receive discount.

    When finished, click Submit button to proceed.
  4. Click the Click to Pay button to start purchase.
  5. Select your Internet Banking that available as below image.

    Enter your valid email address to receive transaction status.

    Then, click Agree and Continue button.
  6. One pop-up window will appear. Log in into your internet banking system (eg: Maybank2u.com.my).

    Click Continue button to proceed.
  7. Request your TAC to complete the transfering process.
  8. Check your phone for the TAC number & enter the number to complete the process.

    Click Confirm button to proceed.
  9. You will see the brief statement for the transaction once successfull. Print it for your references.